Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wrapping up the semester!

We are wrapping up the semester and it's about time. This semester seems to have been a drag for everyone, students and faculty. You can see it on their exhausted faces. Although it was full of excitement for the interns (AWP, RopeWalk readings, MCM winner interviews, etc.) it has been difficult to get all of us interns together to collaborate on projects, but we appear to have made it into a clearing. Congratulations to Adrienne on her acceptance into Carbondale. It's going to be rough without her because she is a great help but it is time for bigger and better things.

The rest of us here are moving on to better things as well. There is a new class being offered next semester: ENG 459, a course in editing and publishing. Why it hasn't been created before is beyond me, but to have the opportunity to take the class my last semester at USI is exciting. It will be nice to work with a larger group to help smooth out the editing/publishing "problems" (this may be to strong a word) that we encountered as a smaller group. The class is filled already which is a great sign. Who knew we had so many people interested in a course like this. Most students weren't aware of the English internship opportunity and now they have the chance to prepare for it. The internship has been a great experience for me in these last couple years and I count even count the number of things I have learned.

As for the remainder of the semester, the RopeWalk Anthology is coming to a completion and the new SIR issue is on a roll. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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