Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Keep Pilin' it on Why Don't Ya?

I hate the end of the semester because nearly every professor seems to get it into his or her head that his/her class is the only class every student is taking and it's the student's responsibility to make up all the work that the professor failed to assign the rest of the semester. It would be great if these professors would keep things in perspective; it'd make both their lives and the lives of their students a lot easier. We wouldn't have as much work to do and they wouldn't have as much half-baked work to grade.

On a semi-related note, grad school is really scaring me. I don't apply for another two years, but this next fall I have to take my GRE, which means I'll be studying for it all summer (as well as taking Cognitive Psychology while I'm in Germany, visiting parents, and studying Lifespan Development when I get back). I took a practice one a few weeks ago and got an 1100 altogether, which isn't bad at all for someone who just walked into it without studying. It wasn't a full test though, nor was it on the computer, so I definitely have some things to look over.

I'm also questioning what I want to go into. Part of me so loves literature and writing that I want to teach English for the rest of my life, but another part of me has found a new love--psychological research. I find research fascinating, and I'd love to do it for a living, especially since that would more than likely mean I get to teach Psychology as well, which would be fun. I have until the spring of next year to figure it out; otherwise I will probably have to take both the English GRE Subject Test as well as the Psychology one... just in case.

Tomorrow I need to make Ron a scroll bar today for the new SIR issue. I told him I'd do it today but I was really absent-minded. If I still had Photoshop on my computer, I would have been able to do it at home, but alas.

I can't wait for summer.

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