Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Spring Break is only exciting for those who have time and money: the two things I never have enough of.  I didn't even bother to make any plans.  The secret life of this college student is mostly filled with the mundane and obligatory routines of work, school, and sleep. Not so much of the latter these days.  Needless to say I worked and studied my way through spring break. 
    I don't know why I was so anxious about going back to my classes, but I was.  I thought it would be difficult to get back into the swing of things.  Turns out, some things take more than a week to lose their swing.  And so I returned, sans renewed vigor.  
   This has been an easy semester class-wise, but very difficult in just about every other aspect.  Lots of demands for my attentions from every angle.  I'm staying on top of things now, but there is little room for relaxing, sleeping in, or slacking.  If I got behind, I'd probably never catch up.  
     Let's see, did anything exciting happen during my spring break? Mmm, no.  Just the usual.  Oh, wait!  I celebrated my twenty-second birthday. I suppose I should be happy I made it this far, what with my propensity for car accidents.  I went home to visit my parents for my birthday. When did their home become a haven?  I can remember feeling like a prisoner in that house, now it's one of those places I want to run to just to get away from everything else.  I spent time with my mother, my sister, and her three year old little girl during the day, then Mom made supper when my dad got home and then there was cake afterward. When the dishes were cleared we watched a movie; everyone was attempting to sit on the couch, including the two large dogs.  We managed to fit five people and two dogs on a couch that is supposed to only seat three. We're a close family.  As usual, Dad falls asleep on the first half-hour, Mom and my sister chat throughout the movie, and the dogs jam bony elbows and knees into our laps trying to get comfortable. It was familiar, comforting, and refreshing.  I stayed the night and left early the next day for work. Back to the grind.  
   In the meantime, I think of the future, elusive though it seems.  I plan my wedding, I write resumes in my head, I schedule next semester's classes.  Eventually, it will all get done. And then there will be more to do.  There is always more to do. 

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