Monday, March 23, 2009

Jumbled Mess

So in the SIR office we have a metal cabinet right above this computer. It has a lot of word magnets on it. Various words that I don't have the patience to list for you. But interns before me have created sentences, traditional or not, that I thought were interesting enough to share. One says, "blushing boys will bleed from the poison of blazing desires." The alliteration is cool and the meaning actually makes sense. But then there is one that says, "pierce the eye of a waking fool." And it makes me realize that maybe Gertrude Stein was right. Words don't mean a thing. Each word can be torn apart to nothing or everything at the same time and who the judge is, no one knows. 

Because I am a vain writer like so many I know, I'll share my random concoction with you. "celebrate ferocious dazzle, you child of angels." 

Take what you want, oh, judger of words. 

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