Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No infants were harmed in the writing of this blog.

I never thought so much chaos could be so much fun. Chicago is a huge change of pace from southern Indiana and I'm glad to learn that my life isn't so hectic after all. A lot of good things happened in Chicago. We gave away a lot of Spring 2008 issues of SIR in an attempt to get the word out. A lot of people also grabbed up our submission guidelines, brochures for Ropewalk, and pretended to know where Evansville was.

The volunteer work for AWP was crazy. Some of the other interns and I were placed behind the counter that contained nametags for everyone attending the conference/book fair. We're talking thousands of people. I had L-O.

Some cool people that were there: Allison Joseph, Holly Goddard Jones, Gary Fincke (though I'm upset that I never saw him), Ben Percy, Nickole Brown, and Michael Martone. Most of them stopped by our table to say hello and some were tracked down by the stalkers we are. :)

Other things that are not as literary connected: We ate at Giradono's, Miller's Pub, Tamarin, and India Grill. We didn't get to shop because most of us took taxis everywhere and ran out of money really fast. I did at least.

*Footnote regarding title: Towards the end of our ride there (6 hours with the same genious/borderline-insane people) resulted into a slip up of words--or acronym I should say. STDs was replaced with SIDS. I don't think I should explain past that.

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