Monday, November 3, 2008


This week I have been working on a poetry chapbook for Miss Melanie Jordan. Issues with images have me held up, but otherwise it's a fairly fun task. [Oh the alliteration...] I'll update more when I have more to say about that.

While everybody around is concerned about registering for classes for the Spring Term, I have the fun of simply attempting to register to the school. I have respect for full transfer students, because this process is horribly inefficient. With work, this internship, and the class I am taking as a guest student, I have very little time during "work hours" to request my transcripts from my previous school, which of course is in a different time zone which adds just a little more chaos to the process. And requesting transcripts costs money, because apparently college students aren't quite poor enough on their own. I am looking forward to becoming a full-time student though. ^_^ When you see a transfer student, remember to give them a smile. They probably need it after the ordeal they went through trying to register.

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