Friday, October 24, 2008

Midterm Blues

The semester's half over. Doesn't really seem possible, but it's gone by so fast.

I've been working on a flyer detailing submission guidelines. I was feeling pretty good about it until I realized that the color scheme is reminiscent of the interior design of a Long John Silvers restaraunt. Not good. I'll be changing that one soon.

So, it's my goal to get my MFA in creative writing and because of this, I will be subjected to the horror known as the GRE. I'll be taking this on November 1st (oddly enough, four years to the day since I took my SAT). I'm not sure how ready I am. I studied for it all summer but since the semester started I've had a bit of trouble finding time to work on it in between homework, classes, etc. I decided not to worry about the quantitative section at all and I'm putting all my focus on the verbal. Oh, flashcards, I hate you already.

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