Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hacked by Dickens!

I'm taking advantage of the fact that I still have blog access, a fact that Mitchell (aka RM, according to some of his recent blog activity) has inadvertently pointed out to me by asking for my blog help, and which I'm not 100% certain he wants me taking advantage of. But what's he gonna do, fire me?


I'm here in Greensboro, mid-semester or not quite, getting into the groove of MFA life at UNCG. To anyone interested in applying to the program here, know that it's a good one to get things done in. The program is really set up in a way that allows one time to sit around reading and writing and thinking and searching with a metal detector for abandoned Confederate gold, or at least that's the case for me, and in this particular semester. I do know other first years who have RAs (that's Research Assistantships to you noobs) doing horrible things like answering the incessantly ringing phones in the graduate office or grading papers for classes of like four thousand students--but who cares about them. I've got this cush job in the English office where occasionally the phone rings and I have the option of ignoring it if I'm really doing some hard thinking, or of picking it up to see what department they were actually trying to call (in many cases, they are actually trying to reach the Greensboro unemployment office. Go figure that one out.). The remainder is updating the MFA and Greensboro Review web sites, because someone leaked to them that I have some experience in that area.

I'm taking a class on Publishing, as well as Structure of Fiction and Fiction Workshop--all great classes that take place in the same building on the same floor and two of which are even in the same room at roughly the same time, so it's tough to get confused, though I have managed it.

But there are also nights when you will still be up at 3am dealing with a cast of characters of your own creation who need to do something other than stand in a circle on a street talking to each other.

UPDATE: Ron hacked my hack and posted this before I was finished writing/editing it. Foiled again!

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