Friday, February 22, 2008

Goings-ons, and a Top Ten list

Lots of things are in the works around here, so keep an ear to the blog. We're plugging away at the RopeWalk Anthology, and even have a cover design all but finalized. Laying out the spring SIR issue, which we're pretty excited about. Some forthcoming interviews with the latest Mary C. Mohr poetry award winnners will appear on, and I'm currently conducting a Benjamin Percy interview for the blog (should appear in a few weeks or so), in advance of his reading at the RopeWalk Reading Series.

AWP was a flying success, and we have photos (below) to prove it. Gave away lots of free issues and bookmarks and magnetic poetry and subscriptions (if you signed up for the drawing, you might keep an eye on your mailbox--we're a little behind sending notification to the winners).

And in the spirit if one of my favorite living little-known rockstars, Jesse Malin, my top 10 list for the week:

1. "My Brother Eli," by Joseph Epstein, from the 2007 Best American Short Stories anthology.
2. "I Clap for Strangers Now" by Robert Pollard (Coast to Coast Carpet of Love)
3. "The Underdog" by Spoon (Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga)
4. Howl on the Haunted Beat - new album by The Go
5. The Confidence Man by Moby Dick - props for being maybe the strangest novel ever...
6. Listening to music on headphones. Everything is so crisp and clear! I'm hearing lyrics I've never noticed!
7. Google Reader - makes it much easier to obsess over MFA acceptance blogs.
8. Actually, anything at all by Robert Pollard!
9. There Will be Blood by P.T. Anderson.
10. The historic Chelsea Hotel - stayed there during AWP, and it was nuts!

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