Monday, January 21, 2008

Spring Unsprung

Hellew- I'm the new intern for the SIR, Melissa "tough bones" Cossey.

I'm a senior at USI majoring in English with a focus on exploiting the human condition.

Evansville is my 30th city to live in, which should be commemorated in some way, so I decided to finish a degree here.

I'm a fiction writer, which is the toughest of all the genres because there are less tethers to keep you from floating out in outer space. I have been working on a story lately that hurts me- none of the decisions are easy and none of it is easy to write. It seems like this kind of resistance would mean to be telling you that you shouldn't be writing- that, like any visceral markers in anything we do, if we are met with too much opposition then it seems the natural order of things isn't going to allow for it.

But Rodney Jones says that you should be met with opposition at every single turn, that you should second-guess every decision. And he's so much smarter than me, or you.

AWP New York is just around the corner. I'm excited to be out of Indiana to have some perspective again- spending too much time in the heartland shrinks the world and suddenly my sensitivities settle on believing everything to be much smaller than it really is.

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