Thursday, October 25, 2007

My MFA Search + Google Spreadsheets

So, in addition to work I do for SIR, I also have this other life in which I attempt to finish my degree at USI and in which I am going through the grueling process of applying to graduate schools. Only, I haven't even gotten to the grueling parts yet, maybe.

A month ago I thought I had my MFA list down to a sure 10 or so, but I've since discovered a few more programs I might like (Virginia Commonwealth, Brown, Vanderbilt...), and so had to go back to charting and tabling (which is what I do best in life, perhaps...). It's a time-consuming process involving two open reference books (AWP Guide [borrowed from Mitchell like a year ago...] and Kealey's Handbook); five Firefox tabs opened at all times to the U.S. News MFA program ratings, Kealey's MFA Blog, GMail, New Pages list of programs, and Google (to get to programs' websites, which usually offer the least info out of all of these methods); and a comfortable swivel chair. It's a freaking mess, and that is where a nice clean spreadsheet comes in.

I get obsessive, yes.

From the above link you can keep up with which schools are still on my list (I know like 1/2 a person who is actually interested in this)--I'm deleting them as I rule them out, and hopefully not adding many more, although some have mentioned that I need some safety schools thrown in there, so over the next week or so I might add a couple of those.
And then, someone please stop me.

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