Friday, May 25, 2007

Spring issue has arrived!

The new phone book is here! The new phone book is here!
So, Ron and I drove my deathtrap S10 across campus to print services yesterday to pick up the just-completed spring issues, and they look great. There's just something about holding the thing in your hands that makes it all worth it.
Things are going to start happening to us now.

In other important news, I've discovered a new, really practical keyboard short cut for Firefox. If you close a tab by mistake, just click CNTRL-SHIFT-T, and watch as time folds back on itself and corrects a small part of your sad life.

Have I told you people why you should get Firefox, by the way? Let me just make this my recommendation of the week, or day, or whatever calendar cycle this blog pretends to adhere to. Get Firefox, and then go to their add-ons page and install the following:
1) Inline Google Definitions. With this you can highlight any word, right click on it, and see in a convenient little window its definition(s).
2) Foxmarks. Have more than one PC? One at home and another at the office? Foxmarks keeps your bookmarks synchronized. It's how NASA employees do it, I bet.
3) Super DragAndGo. Drag a link to a blank part of the page and watch it instantly open in a new tab for you. How fun is that?
4) FoxyTunes. Control whatever program you use to play music files directly from your browser. No need to minimize your browser to pause Itunes or to skip that ten minute monotone track at the end of A Ghost Is Born! Welcome to the future, where laziness reaches whole new levels.

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