Monday, September 21, 2009

Week 4 Agenda

Tonight's the Night (to)

1. Discuss obtaining your copies of other magazines.
2. Discuss poems for fall issue (which to include and in what order)
3. Team RopeWalk assignments:
-Martinets: J-mo, Kristin A, Jason O', Kara W
-Ralphites: Mallory C-S, Natalie W, Josh U, Jennifer R
-Los Eccentricities: Teri M, Breck B, Josh L, Brandi S
-Wright-ons: Jamie G, Sara J, Casey B, Roger G
4. Off to the lab for RopeWalk Visiting Writers Reading Series poster design(s).

For Next Week

1. Contact managing editors of your magazines--This is a preliminary inquiry, not an actual interview. Start by looking at what contact info is available online: do editors have individual email addresses listed, or is there a single contact address? Basically, introduce yourself and provide a little background info as to why you're emailing, and then ask if they would be available for a future interview. The primary goal at this time is just to see if someone responds to your email...and if so, how long does it take them?
2. Read short stories in fall 08 and spring 09 SIR to establish standards of acceptance.
3. Read submitted story and decide whether to accept for publication.

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