Tuesday, April 3, 2007

a reading, a duck, an interview....

So much news:

First of all, last week's Ropewalk Reading Series brought in the first two poets published by Ropewalk Press, Matthew Guenette and Jeffrey Thomson. They read from their chapbooks, as well as some things we hadn't heard, and we were all pretty blown away by how good it was. No one rioted, as in Guenette's reading nightmare, although Ron Mitchell did do a bit of heckling, as prophesied in the dream. (But really, it doesn't take a soothsayer to predict that...)

Our first Mary C. Mohr Fiction Award winner interview will be up soon (today?). Marika Lindholm, who won third place with her story, "Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight," is interviewed by Katie Guthrie, one of this semester's SIR interns. Keep checking the MCM Award page for that and for upcoming interviews with the other two winners.

We're also working hard on putting together the first intern issue of SIR. The cover will look something like this:

The painting on the cover is by Stephen Cefalo, my good friend of old. Check out his other stuff.

Also keep an eye out for the spring '07 issue of SIR, due very soon. We're excited to publish the award winners' stories, a poem from Rodney Jones, and much more.

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