Monday, March 5, 2007


We've returned from the AWP conference in Atlanta. It was a huge thing, with a lot of people, tables, and books. We walked around in a conference-induced-daze and pawed at these books, and we sat at our table a lot, pawing at our own books. Lots of nice AWP-ers dropped by the table and left with copies of SIR and with Ropewalk Press' newest release (Jeffrey Thomson's poetry chapbook). We thank those people.

We ate a lot of bad food, as the Hilton is poorly placed in a barren part of Atlanta, where the best food one can find is at Quiznos. We went to Buckhead, froze to death (yes, in Atlanta!) walking around trying to find where the part everyone talks about is, and then froze to death some more coming back, and were nearly killed by stray bullets on the subway (a story that gets worse with each telling, of course).

On the ride home, we discussed very literary and philosophical things. Now we are home, ready to start working on this logo again, and some other stuff. I'm going to call the interns now, and yell at them for no reason.

Here are some pictures:

on the marta:

brittney and jordan:


john, thinking he is on the hood of a camaro:

brittney, john, ron:

brittney, chris:

In Chattanooga:


In the van on the way back:

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